Tru-Weld® - Weld Studs

Stud welding offers a comprehensive one-step fastening solution utilizing specialized fasteners known as weld studs. These weld studs are available in various configurations, including threaded, unthreaded, tapped, and more, making them suitable for a wide array of applications.

Stud welding enables the instant end-joining of a weld stud to a metal workpiece, creating a high-quality, durable bond with exceptional strength. Importantly, the base material of the workpiece and the weld stud need not be the same. For instance, combinations like brass to copper, brass to steel, and copper to steel can be easily welded together.

Compared to alternative fastening methods, stud welding offers cost-effective advantages and can be employed in locations where other fasteners are impractical. A single operator working from one side of the workpiece can install weld studs in less than a second.

The stud welding process excels over other fastening systems for several reasons.

Stud Welding Equipment

Stud welding necessitates specific equipment, typically consisting of:

  1. A direct current Power Supply
  2. A Controller
  3. A Weld Gun
  4. Cables to connect the system components and the base material.

In many systems, the power supply and controller are integrated into a single unit referred to as the “Welder.”

About our Weld Studs

Elevate your fastening solutions with Tru-Weld® weld studs, the epitome of quality and performance. Tru-Weld® studs are engineered to meet the highest industry standards, providing a seamless and robust bond between the stud and the workpiece.

With an array of options, including threaded, unthreaded, tapped, and more, Tru-Weld® weld studs are versatile and suitable for various applications, ensuring a precise and enduring connection every time.

These studs offer superior strength and durability, capable of joining different metals like brass to copper, brass to steel, and copper to steel, opening up a world of possibilities.

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming alternatives. Tru-Weld® weld studs are not only cost-effective but can be installed by a single operator in seconds, even in locations where traditional fasteners are impractical.

Invest in Tru-Weld® for a fastening solution that outperforms the rest, and take advantage of a hassle-free process with the included weld stud equipment.

Choose Tru-Weld® for reliability, precision, and superior performance in your projects.