ASTM F436 Structural Washers

Elevate Your Structures with Boulons Plus! Our ASTM F436 structural washers, sourced from premium manufacturers in the USA, South Korea, and China, ensure quality that surpasses expectations. As Canada's largest distributor of structural fasteners, we have the inventory to meet your every need.


ASTM F436 structural washers, featuring bot round and square beveled shapes, are indispensable elements for securing robust and long-lasting structural connections. These washers are available in 2 types and are compliant with strict ASTM standards, these washers boast key features essential for effective fastening solutions.

In terms of shapes, ASTM F436 encompasses round shape that provides a smooth, even bearing surface, while square beveled ones feature beveled edges, reducing the risk of snagging during installation.

Crafted from medium carbon steel and heat-treated to precise specifications, these washers exhibit impressive mechanical properties. They maintain their structural integrity under extreme loads, ensuring the safety and durability of connections. With a minimum Rockwell Hardness of 38-45 HRC, they possess the resilience required for challenging applications.

Corrosion resistance is enhanced through various coatings, including zinc plating and hot-dip galvanizing, making them suitable for use in diverse environmental conditions. We also provide Type 3 (made with weathering steel) for more corrosive environment needs.

ASTM F436 washers are highly versatile, compatible with a wide range of structural bolts due to standardized dimensions, and sourced by Boulons Plus from reputable manufacturers to guarantee strict adherence to ASTM standards. Choosing Boulons Plus as your supplier ensures access to high-quality, dependable washers that meet or exceed industry expectations, reinforcing the structural integrity of your projects.